Community Partner Spotlight: The Springboard Center

Cecelia began her day, this day, just like every other. “There I was, in the drive-up window line at the liquor store, 9:59 am. I knew that no matter what I purchased and consumed, it was never going to help.” So began her journey into the recovery system at The Springboard Center.
Aided by community donated funds from the United Way of Midland, Cecelia made her way through the 12 Step, Matrix and Evidence based curriculum. She received education about the nature of her addiction, the process and disease of addiction, average daily living skills like budgeting, and relapse prevention. Over time, and with the help of sponsors and supportive AA community members, she has healed and recovered. After waiting the 2 years out of treatment mandated by state rule, Cecelia applied to work at Springboard as a Recovery Advocate. She is now certified in Recovery Advocacy and is now Sr. Lead Recovery Advocate. She has a newly purchased home, a beautiful family, and lives a life of sobriety. “Springboard saved my life, then they hired me and gave me a new one.”