Unlock Ministries- Op Camp

"Joe's" dad was in prison when he came to Op Camp after 4th grade. His mom worked a lot, so he clung to the mentoring community, asking mentors for a ride each week. He anticipated with hope the day when his dad would be out of prison and come to find him. The day came, but his dad did not. His mentor listened while he cried, devastated that his dad did not want him. Joe's burdens are heavy, but he always exudes a joyful attitude. He thrives in his Op Camp family. His co-campers are his closest comrades. They call each other "brother". This year at camp he confided to his mentor that his mom's boyfriend has been beating her since he was three. He trusted staff to help and they collaborated with other agencies, had painful conversations, and many failed efforts, but Joe's mom has finally broken free and made a new life for her family. Joe (an 8th grader) will be on staff at a program for kids this summer. He's a great leader!