YMCA of Midland- YMCA Children's Learning Center

Norma, a recently divorced mother of five, came to the YMCA looking for childcare for her youngest son, 4 year old Andy. Andy was too young to go to school and had been in the care of his maternal grandmother while his mother worked to provide for the family. Norma explained that her mother had recently passed and she had been forced to alternate which of the older children (14 and 12) she kept home from school to watch their youngest brother. Norma, being the sole provider for 5 children, did not have the expendable income to pay full price for childcare. Through the Y's scholarship program, Norma was able to enroll Andy that same day for a 70% reduced rate. Andy has attended the program every day since his mother came to the YMCA looking for help. Both of his older siblings have returned to regular attendance at school and Norma now has a safe, reliable and affordable place to bring Andy while she works to provide for herself and her children.