Bynum School- Vocational Program

Charlee attended Bynum School for elementary and secondary school and then attended Midland High School. After graduating from Midland High, Charlee returned to Bynum for extensive job training and meaningful, quality day programs.
Bynum School's Vocational Program strives to adequately assess skills, train for employment and appropriately educate students so they become contributing citizens of
the community.
Charlee currently has rotating job placements throughout the community. She also initiates work when she sees something that needs to be done and rarely needs
supervision to complete tasks.
At Bynum School, she is very active with other students and always lends a hand with students who need help. Charlee is a great example of how the Vocational Program at Bynum School enriches the lives of adults with special needs. The Vocational Program has added so much meaning to Charlee's adult years, as she continues to thrive in the community.