Campaign Central

What is a campaign?

It is the chance for individuals, families, organizations, and companies to give back to the community through a short-term fundraising effort.

During campaign season, running August through February, United Way staff and volunteers work to raise money for the year. The majority of monies raised comes from “workplace or employee campaigns”. This is the opportunity for United Way to go into places of business - big and small, for profit and non-profit, and all different sectors - and invite employees to give back to their local Midland community through a campaign. Workplace campaigns foster a sense of connectivity to their place of business and ultimately to other members of our city through the programs United Way supports.

The organization is unique in that we currently collaborate with 24 partner agencies to effect positive changes in Midland, Martin, and Upton Counties as efficiently as possible through programs in health, education, and self-sufficiency. Workplace campaigns allow United Way to share with employees about this work, as well as new initiatives. 

Why Run a Workplace Campaign with United Way?

United Way's goal is to help people move from challenges to success and build a stable life. Like your business, United Way of Midland is about partnerships, setting goals, efficiency, and accountability. Here’s why a partnership with United Way makes sense:

  • It is a sound investment for your company. United Way’s knowledge of the community ensures contributions are channeled to where the needs are greatest.
  • United Way can help you develop a customized fundraising campaign that aligns with the values and interests of your organization and your employees. We also offer training and support in building your fundraising team and running a great campaign.
  • Convenience and affordability in giving options such as payroll deduction and electronic pledging.
  • When your employees donate to United Way, the money stays local!
  • Special recognition benefits for donors who give $1,000 and more annually.
  • Special recognition to levels of giving on an employee gift average.

Campaigns are usually run internally with as much support as they need from United Way staff. We let companies choose if they want staff come in and present or hear from a local community partner as well. Some companies ramp up their campaign with internal contests, incentives, and special days! For example, Midland ISD hosted a “Jean Week” where employees could pay to wear jeans while supporting United Way. Campaigns could not run without volunteers within these organizations planning and working to make it successful. We call them Employee Campaign Coordinators (ECC's) and they are the backbone to our campaigns!

If you are interested in scheduling a campaign with United Way please contact the office at 432-685-7700.