Frequently Asked Questions 

What is United Way of Midland (UWM)?

We are a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) agency that brings people together to help our community reach its full potential. We partner with local nonprofits, businesses, government, and social service agencies to address our community's most pressing needs.

What does UWM do?  

We raise money in the community to support health, education and self-sufficiency programs. We know that health, education and self-sufficiency are the building blocks for successful lives, and therefore work with agencies that provide effective programs in these focus areas.

Where does my contribution go?

Into strong programs! And 98.5% stays in Midland. Most of every dollar you contribute goes to health, education and self-sufficiency programs that help people, and build a stronger community.

How is my donation used?

We partner with 30 agencies in Midland, and fund programs in EDUCATION, SELF SUFFICIENCY, and HEALTH. We have measurable goals and results for all of our programs, ensuring your money is being used wisely. Our partner programs are reviewed annually for results and to make sure they are on track. Also, we are governed by community volunteers who set policies and oversee our financial practices.

Why would I give an undesignated gift?

It allows you to help more people than a gift to a single agency could. Community challenges in health, education and self-sufficiency are interrelated and complex; our partnerships can do more than a single agency can.

Who runs UWM?

Our staff works with knowledgeable, well-trained volunteers who represent our diverse community. They carry out the planning and implementation of United Way functions. We have a volunteer board of directors that sets policy and strategic direction. Various volunteer committees oversee financial practices.

Who decides which programs get funded?

Volunteers from the community serve on allocation committees; they review grant applications, and go to visit applicant agencies. They make recommendations to the Investment committee, and they make final funding decisions. But only health, education and self-sufficiency related programs can be considered. 

Does UWM fund Planned Parenthood?