Focus Areas

Education Success (2 Gen Model):

Our Goal: Families achieve education success through high-quality education for children ages 0-17, and adult education and job training leading to potential employment with a family-sustaining wage.
  • Child is ready for school and takes charge of his/her learning. (Early childhood education programs, tutoring/mentoring programs, after-school programs)
  • Parent becomes a learning partner. (Case management, ESL combined with workforce training, free or low-cost coursework leading to credential/degree)
  • Educational success becomes a core family value.

Social, Health, and Well-Being (2-Gen Model):

Our Goal: Families are mentally and physically healthy and have the knowledge needed to access resources and services that help them meet their goals.
  • Child's physical and emotional health develops appropriately, and needs are met. (Mentoring programs, counseling, case management services, peer support groups)
  • Parent improves emotional, physical, mental health, and parenting skills to ensure their family can successfully navigate society. (Parenting support groups, counseling)
  • Family relationship is strengthened.

Self Sufficiency-

Our Goal: To build and participate in collaborations that help individuals and families in crisis have access to responsive and effective emergency and basic need services that will affect a measurable increase in the following:
  • Clients' emergency needs are met.
  • Clients' basic needs are met.
  • Individuals and families are financially stable and independent.