An Initiative is a Collaborative effort with 3 or more partners that addresses an identified United Way of Midland Community outcome in one of the three Focus Areas: education, self-sufficiency and health.

United Way knows how critical it is for children to succeed in school. In the summer of 2018, 346 students participated in the Club Read program. The United Way of Midland collaborated with the Boys and Girls Club of Midland, Casa de Amigos, Midland Fair Havens, and Unlock Ministries Fun Academy. Over 2,100 new books were ordered and delivered to the children participating in the Summer Reading programs. By the end of the summer, over 80% of all students who completed the Club Read pre and post-test maintained or improved their reading levels.
Formerly known as Ready to Read, this program has evolved into a fulltime Literacy Liaison position. The Literacy Liaison is assigned to elementary students at Milam Elementary and works with individual students and in small groups to read and teach fundamental reading skills. As of September 2018, the assessment data show that 55% of the 78 students improved their reading skills by the end of the school year. The United Way of Midland Women’s Leadership Council, The Midland Independent School District Foundation, and Crockett Elementary School launched this exciting reading project in the Fall of 2013.
Families Forward: Transitional Housing Program is a collaboration initiative between United Way of Midland and Family Promise. In 2013, United Way of Midland committed one million dollars to the program which aims to break the cycle of generational poverty by moving families from homelessness to permanent housing. 19 families, consisting of 30 adults and 68 children, have now been served through the Families Forward Transitional Housing Program. Thirteen of those families have graduated from the program and are now working on home ownership or rent based secure living.
In April of 2018, United Way of Midland provided funding for the purchase of additional property next to the Family Promise Day Center to expand transitional housing in Midland. On April 18, 2019, United Way of Midland’s Board of Directors released the deed of ownership of the properties to Family Promise for its continued use in the same program.

Impact, with assistance from United Way of Midland, aims to encourage client progess through incentives such as gift cards and bus passes to attend court dates. 

ReInvent: Choose to Succeed is a pilot mentoring program being developed at Coleman High School.  Its purpose is not just to help students succeed academically, but to succeed in life.  For some students who have made poor choices, this may require them to “reinvent” themselves by smart choices leading to success rather than surrender to destructive decisions.  With the help of trusted mentors, these students can think through the challenges of life and “boom” instead of “bust.”  ReInvent was birthed out of a conversation between Agape Counseling Services and Educate Midland.  Other collaborators helping to make it possible are MISD, the Warren Foundation, Midland Memorial Hospital, UTPB, former Mayor Wes Perry, and the United Way.