Midland Children's Rehabilitation Center- Hippotherapy Program

7-year-old Gibson has Cerebral Palsy Hemiplegia, affecting the left side of his body. Gibson can walk independently but he limps and he couldn’t use his left hand for functional activities. Using his left hand was hard, would take longer and many times he wasn't accurate. Gibson neglected his hand and didn't do well with new activities.

After a few months of being at Midland Children’s Rehabilitation Center, Gibson’s therapist recommended therapy on horseback. In hippotherapy Gibson was able to sit up straighter on horseback, engage his core and even use his hand for reaching and playing. 

His mom, Carrie, says, “Now Gibson tries more things! He uses his left hand more, helping with writing & self-care, it’s almost second nature." The horse’s movement improves trunk strength, endurance & can be used to shift weight to the left side for more awareness & use of that side. “I just see it all come together for him while he is riding. It brings him true joy! I am so impressed with the equine program at MCRC,” says Carrie. “The environment is so safe & organized. The fact that we get this all at no charge is a huge blessing.”