Our Staff

Megan Davis, Director of Marketing & Special Events
mdavis@uwmidland.org | P: 432-685-7708

Michelle Evans, Director of Community Investment
mevans@uwmidland.org | P: 432-685-7714

Susan Gilmore, Interim Executive Director
sgilmore@uwmidland.org | P: 432-685-7715

Jane Hellinghausen, Assistant Director of Resource Development
jhellinghausen@uwmidland.org | P: 432-685-7710

Karissa Kienast, Director of Resource Development
kkienast@uwmidland.org | P: 432-685-7713

Baily Neatherlin, Administrative Assistant
bneatherlin@uwmidland.org | P: 432-685-7700

Paige Vickery, Director of Finance
pvickery@uwmidland.org | P:432-685-7712