2019 Day of Action

United Way Day of Action is an annual invitation for people and organizations around the world to "Live United" and come together to harness volunteer spirit. 
The United Way of Midland’s Days of Action, is focused on delivering meals to elderly, disabled and homebound persons. 
Join us on June 25th-27th (10:30am-12pm) as we Partner with the Senior Life Midland - Meals on Wheels Program to deliver meals.
NOTE: Day of Action volunteers will be used as Substitute Drivers.  The volunteers will be responsible for delivering meals to homebound clients as a back-up driver when the regular volunteer meal delivery driver is unable to take the route. (Volunteering requires at least 2 persons per car).
For more information, please contact Michelle Evans, 432-685-7700 or email mevans.uwmidland.org