Built for Texas Toolkit

Texas nonprofits play a significant role in communities across Texas. As dynamic entities, nonprofits can offer a range of supports tailored to their communities, such as: providing critical services, convening stakeholders to address specific needs, creating long-term impact to improve the quality of life in our communities, and serving as employers to generate financial and social return to the economy of our state.
The report Built for Texas: The Impact and Opportunity of Our Nonprofit Sector serves as a vehicle to unite, rally, and strongly articulate the added value—as well as the capacity limitations—of the overall sector. The data and findings in Built for Texas contribute to a fuller, more informed understanding of the nonprofit sector in Texas and its contribution to the state’s economy. Built for Texas incorporates simple yet specific calls to action to magnify the contributions and potential of Texas nonprofits.

Access the Built for Texas Toolkit here: www.txnonprofits.org